Great Tips for Solo Trip Survival

Great tips for solo trip survivalSome people feel hesitated and intimidated if they have to travel alone. What happens if you get lost somewhere alone? Are you the kind of person who can travel alone at night? Do you feel strange to eat alone in a restaurant?

These kinds of worries and along with the others torment many travellers before their initial solo trip. However, they soon disappear override by the numerous benefits. If you need advice on how to survive on your solo travel, check out the tips offered by authors and editors on how to successfully travel alone.

•    Recognize your strengths
Are you the kind of person loves to socialize? You may go crazy if you cannot speak to someone. Then, go somewhere you know how to speak the language. However, if you are an introvert, do not mind about the language barrier. Go see some great cities that is perfect for sightseeing, particularly if they have a great café culture.

•    Don’t be scared to be alone
Too many times being alone can be quite intimidating, but just take it. In the end, you may enjoy being alone. However, if you love to socialize, try to make some new friends. Show them your single status by offering them to take family picture at a big sight, for example, or by sitting close to a talkative gang at a bar.

•    It’s okay to say “no”
Sometimes you can get overwhelming attention when you are in hospitable and foreigner-fascinated cultures. You may need to learn to say “no” and “thank you” in the native language and also the gesture or nonverbal language for the word “no”.

Having local help numbers like the tourist police in your phone will be useful when you unexpectedly have to deal with awkward situations.

•    Sleep around
When you are travelling alone, and you want to get a connection with the local people, try homestay or find room rental in an apartment. You have many options if you travel alone. Even though your host does not take you go sightseeing, at least, you can get a few local tips. There are several hostels available for the solo travellers, but you may end spending more of your time with tourists rather than the locals.

•    Take some pictures
Taking pictures should be your mission even though just to snap unique little details of a place that you see. It will give structure to your day. Your friends will appreciate seeing your perspective and the story it has.


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